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Which flat roof types you should choose for high durability and lifespan?

At the time when your commercial roof needs replacement, it is very important that you should make the right decision. With time, the roofing technology has been improved a lot and provides excellent solutions when needed. While consulting a company, you must choose the right option and consult likewise. We are here suggesting some important flat roof types from which you can choose depending on your need. 

Commercial flat roof types

There are different types of flat roof types from which you can make your selection. 

  • Metal panel roofs

Metal roofing is well-thought-out be ideal for winters. It can radiate the heat and work for four to five months. The panels can easily lock together for preventing snow and water. Being lightweight, reliable, and durable; it has a shelf life of more than 50 years. A metal roof is generally made of aluminum or metal; hence known to be a cost-effective solution.

  • Gravel and Tar/BUR roofs

BUR meaning built-up roofing system is made up of gravel and tar that is spread across the entire roof. The installation is done by laying the waterproof sheets having a later of tar that is sandwiched in between. On the other hand, the gravel used for the roofing system has the power of holding and releasing the heat. Therefore, these are ideal for minimizing cooling costs. 

  • Asphalt roofs

Asphalt is great for surfacing the roof because it creates a secure seal on the building. Moreover, the cost of installation and material used is very less and comes out to be a great option when our budget is very tight. 

  • Two-ply modified bitumen 

As the name suggests, it comprises fiberglass or polyester layers that is used between two layers of asphalt. There are one or two ways by which you can install it. One is using a torch for heating up the components to bond and the second one is through cold installation. 


The flat roofing systems and their installation offered by Guardian Home are upto the mark. We ensure that you understand the importance of maintenance of your roof. To get more information, you visit our website. 



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