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On What Occasions Should The Draw Of The Garage In A Condo Be Voted On?

The Condominium Law does not determine how this draw should be carried out, nor does it deal with the periodicity of the draw. A unit owner may require that, at least, there is a periodicity for the draw since there are better and worse vacancies.

Even if it is decided that the places had already been determined a long time ago, if a unit owner feels harmed, they have the right to demand the periodicity of the draw. The draw is generally made according to the duration of the trustee’s term of office, from year to year. It may vary, as described in the convention of your condominium.

Rotation Of Parking Spaces

The fairest form of distribution when using the rotation by lottery guarantees the equality of rights that must exist among all residents. The rotation criterion must be included in the condominium agreement or the internal regulations.

Can The Defaulter Participate?

Yes. This is a right of the debtor of the condominium fee like the condo Chatuchak (คอนโด จตุจักร which is the term in Thai). The defaulter must participate in drawing a parking space with the same right to choose as the defaulters. The assembly that puts the defaulter at a disadvantage in terms of choice may have problems – such as the annulment of the assembly – since equal treatment is in the law and is supported by judicial decisions.

Can I Keep A Car And A Motorcycle In The Same Space?

This is a prevailing situation. The owner wants to stop a car and a motorcycle, or he has vast space and can park two small cars. The condominium convention stipulates that the garage is specific for the storage of an automobile.

But, at times, because there is space, some condominiums gather, and, without this disturbing the other residents, the person is allowed to keep the motorcycle in the same space. The same goes for bicycles. If the condominium allows, then it will be possible to store the bicycles in the spaces.

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