Avoid these four mistakes before your tantric massage session

The only tough task people have when searching for massage parlors is deciding the one that best fits their needs. It is obvious that one should assess factors like hygiene, quality of staff resources available, pricing of services offered among other attributes before deciding their choice.  To prepare for a massage, set an appointment and try to be on time. In order to have a successful tantric massage London experience, these here are some of the mistakes you should avoid making.

Going when sick

Illnesses and emergencies can happen at any time regardless of the plans you had made. After setting your appointment, you need to inform the management in case of any emergencies for your appointment to be pushed further ahead. It is proper for you to get the right medication and care until your full recuperation before you can come to enjoy your tantric massage. In case you have any special medical conditions, have your masseuse know in order to improve the action plan execution in case you become ill during the procedure.

Ignoring self-grooming

Self-grooming is an unspoken rule that one must keep in mind when getting ready for a massage session. The masseuse you will be working with will be neat and of high hygiene which is why you should match the energy too. Consider trimming your nails, waxing your body hair and even getting oral cleanup to avoid having bad breath during the session. It is also true that your masseuse will have the wrong perception of you if you appear careless and untidy before the session which might probably affect the quality of service you receive.

Sun bathing is wrong

There is no wrong in giving your skin a bit of vitamin D however the massage day is just not the day to do it. Some people have a very sensitive skin which means a little sun burn could make their skins red and sore. If you are one such person try to protect your skin before the massage because a sore skin will take away all the fun from the session. You are supposed to not just feel but also enjoy every touch on your skin as you relax and explore your sexual awareness.

Using drugs

In the misguided notion that drugs helps you ease up, one can easily lose control in the massage room. Rather than allowing your masseuse to lead you through the experience, you will want to take control and that disrupts the agenda of the day which is to help you relax and unlock your sexual healing. Drugs can also lead to bad odors from your mouth for instance smoking before the therapeutic tantric massage session. Since massages increase blood circulation drugs like alcohol may make you lose a lot of water through sweating and bodily fluid inconveniencing the masseuse in their art.

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